Mammoth 395

Smoky Coco Spice 

To better understand the Smoky Coco Spice, or Mammoth Bar as I call it, I have to first reference the Apple Cinnamon. The Apple Cinnamon was created by “Brandon” as a child and the Smoky Coco Spice was created by “Chef Brandon Allen” as an adult. I absolutely LOVE this flavor and I can’t wait to make taste buds dance all throughout California when people get to experience the bar! The star ingredients consist of smoked salt, cocoa nibs, and cayenne pepper, and when they are combined with the other amazing base ingredients, magic happens! I can’t quickly describe this bar because it’s an experience of crunchy, chewy, sweet, savory, salty, and spicy all combined. I understand that not everyone can handle all of that at once…but those who can will truly be able to understand what my HIGHWAY is!